Our History

In 1975 Al Bird, a local school teacher, recognized the need for a Search and Rescue team with the capability of performing backcountry rescues.

Al Bird contacted Jim Lang and Paul Kindree for assistance in establishing a Search and Rescue branch of the Emergency Services Program. A geographical area was mapped out and an initial 8-member Search and Rescue team was formed. The initial goal was to cross-train skilled climbers and search personnel as a high angle rescue group. The team expanded in 1987, adding the climbing expertise of Perry Beckham, John Howe, and Scott Flavelle.

Over the years, pioneering members of the team contributed to many of the foundation courses taught throughout BC’s search and rescue community. Additionally, these individuals invested significant personal time in the development of many of the specialized disciplines which teams regularly rely upon to effect safe rescue operations. To this day, Paul Kindree, Perry Beckham and John Howe remain active in Squamish Search and Rescue.

Until recently Search and Rescue services in Squamish were managed by the District of Squamish through their Squamish Emergency Program department. In 2011 the group’s name was officially changed to the Squamish Search and Rescue Society to better reflect the actual services delivered by the volunteers.