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Rope Rescue Team

Our Rope Rescue Team is deployed when a task occurs in steep terrain where the subject can be reached from above. The team is commonly called out for climbing incidents but also to help access kayakers in river canyons, hikers who have gotten off-route, and even vehicles over an embankment.


Rope Team members are all active GSAR members who are also trained as Rope Rescue Technicians. Our team includes wide breadth of experience with many team members also having backgrounds in industrial rope access and recreational rock climbing.

Search and Rescue teams all across BC use a DCTTRS (Dual-Capability Two Tensioned Rope System), which is a top-down, standardized approach to rope rescue. Having a standardized approach – with consistent training – allows SAR members to seamlessly support neighbouring teams during mutual aid requests.

In addition to our basic tools we have an extensive quiver of specialty equipment, including stretchers, bridals, MPDs, Aztecs and more.

Did you know?

Squamish SAR has hundreds of meters of rope and webbing in service at any point in time. A rescue on The Chief can use almost a kilometer of rope!


The minimum requirement to join our Rope Rescue Team is active GSAR membership and completion of a Rope Rescue Awareness course (a course providing foundational knowledge to operate safely in a rope rescue environment). With completion of the Awareness course, candidates are considered Rope Rescue MITs (Members in Training) and can play a supporting role in rope rescue tasks.

To become active members, MITs are required to attend a 2.5 day Rope Rescue Technician Level I course, complete a minimum of 20 hours of team training, and successfully pass a 2.5 day exam. Many team members also opt to complete advanced training including Level II and Team Lead certifications.

In addition to completing required courses (and aside from general GSAR team training) Squamish SAR’s rope team trains bi-weekly during the winter and spring months (rain or shine) with a focus on teamwork, communication and honing efficiencies through running realistic, outdoor scenarios.

Fundraising and Support

Squamish SAR is a non-profit organization that relies on sponsorship and donations to maintain a state of readiness and to conduct life-saving operations. Fundraising efforts for our rope team primarily go towards purchasing and maintaining rope-specific equipment, and the costs of running team training. If you would like to help support the Rope Rescue Team, please consider making a donation. 

Make a Donation

On behalf of those we have rescued, and those who have yet to be rescued, thank you!